World Science Festival Fractal feature

2016-06-13 13:43:11 by plantm


One of my fractals was used in one of the programs for the World Science Festival here 


Here's one of my videos.

Starburst fractal video

2013-06-26 20:54:26 by plantm

I've made another fractal video. I hope you guys enjoy it. :)

Energy Fractal Video

2013-01-20 15:38:02 by plantm

I just finished the Energy video and posted it on youtube.

Music Made by RoVeRDude58 on Newgrounds
The Song is "FUSION - Ayatori"

Energy Fractal preview

2013-01-14 20:37:23 by plantm

I've been working on a new fractal animation. I've uploaded a sneak preview of it. Hopefully, I'll be done with it near the end of this week.

New Youtube Game Channel

2012-11-12 19:18:11 by plantm

A few friends and I have made a new youtube channel just for the games we play and how we play them. It's mostly for humor. Check us out, most likely you will like it.

facebook art profile

2012-04-15 10:31:06 by plantm

recently started to modify my Facebook art page, check it out if you're interested. It has all my fractals and my photography also.

my youtube channel

facebook art page

Like my page if you like my artwork
Facebook Art Profile

facebook art profile

Helpful info

2012-03-10 18:42:23 by plantm

for those who were asking for backgrounds here's a few backgrounds that I have at the time still working on making more.


Here's my youtube videos Plantm on Youtube

music was done by one of our fellow newgrounds members Dj-ReVeRsE

Different accounts

2012-02-19 17:14:14 by plantm

here's my youtube account for my videos. aVHGzPI

My DA account for my fractals and photography

Different accounts

New Images

2012-02-08 22:03:54 by plantm

I upload a lot of new images today and still in the process of uploading.

New Images

Getting started

2012-01-23 23:39:47 by plantm

Finally sat down to actually use my newgrounds account, probably going to upload a lot more art tomorrow.